FC Denton Loose 3 In A Row...Really

April 2018 has proven to be one of the worst months on record for FC Denton, as they suffer an uncharacteristic slump; loosing 3 games in a row and putting their playoff hopes in jeopardy.

The slide began when Denton visited one of the division favorites, F.F. Premier at The Five Star Sports Complex in The Colony, TX on April 8th.

Things started off well when Ewahia "Lucky" Amhanesi put Denton ahead early in the first half, only to loose that lead thanks to a questionable handball and penalty decision; ending Irvin Pinales' day early. Thanks to another goal from Lucky, Denton were able to enter halftime with a 2-1 lead, but with 10 men.

Denton couldn't put away the many chances they created and F.F. Premier were able to take advantage, putting away 2 unanswered goals in the 2nd half and walked away with all 3 points.

F.F. Premier - 3

FC Denton - 2

Next up was Clearly Offside, back at The Colony's Five Star Sports Complex, April 15th.

Denton began the game in control of the game, creating a number of opportunities but finding it difficult to finish on a very choppy field and against a strong defensive display from Clearly Offside. The hosts went up midway through the 1st half thanks to a well finished volley, that Damian McClintock had no chance at. Soon after, Roma Samenko leveled things up for FCDTN after being played in (clearly ONside) by Gean Figari and forcing an owl-goal to draw things level.

Denton had a chance to go into halftime on top, when they were awarded a penalty in the dying minutes of the 1st half, after Preston Baker was brought down in the box on his way through 3 defenders. Joakim "Ewa" Coleman stepped up to take it and had his attempt saved and saw his follow up shot loop over the crossbar. Halftime 1-1.

The 2nd half was much like the first, with FCDTN enjoying a vast majority of possession and creating plenty of chances, but with nothing to show for them. The death blow came midway through the 2nd half when a failed clearance from a corner kick and goalkeeping error saw Clearly Offside take the lead and retreat to an even more defensive posture. Denton was unable to break through the double-decker parked bus in their way and were again denied any share of the points for the day.

Clearly Offside - 2

FC Denton - 1

One more game at The Colony on April 19th, in a make-up against Crusaders more game of missed opportunities and being punished for careless mistakes...

Crusaders S.F.A - 3

FC Denton - 0

The poor results sees Denton fall from 1st to 5th place in the division 1B standings and will have to win all the remaining games to have a chance at the NTPSL post season.

"I don't know.... I can't really say we've had poor performances because we created plenty of chances in each of those games and had a good share of the ball throughout." club president Carlos Olate told" We've never felt what a slump feels like but I think we're definitely in one, and it's not fun. It just seems like the ball would not go in for us and we got caught on the counter attack often. However, I'm confident we'll get through this and come out the other side a stronger team. We're certainly capable of winning the rest of our games and look forward to seeing the teams that hurt us again, at home!

FCDTN will have a chance to avenge one of their losses at home next week, in a rematch against Crusaders A.S.F. at The Eagle's Nest, Denia Park at 3PM!

Only the top 4 teams qualify for the NTPSL post-season and FCDTN has 4 more games left to qualify.


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