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FC Denton enters new era

9/4/20, 11:00AM


We are extremely happy to announce Hat Trick Recordings as our official film and streaming partner for the Fall 2020 MPL season! With this partnership, we will be able to bring our fans a quality video feed of our home games so you can enjoy some of the best soccer in the DFW from anywhere!

Now, more than ever, recording/live streaming matches have become increasingly vital

for lower league soccer teams. With many venues having limited capacity requirements or not even allowing for spectators, it is an important tool to stay engaged with your fan base. Unfortunately for many clubs, the job of capturing the match is often left to someone using their phone and trying their best to keep their hands steady and follow the ball; resulting in a video feed that is shaky, inconsistent and often at a view point that doesn’t allow you to catch all the action.

With Hat Trick Recordings, not only will they be providing a huge convenience by taking care of an important part of game-day duties, they will allow us to provide you a quality live video stream from all of our homes games, in HD and from a 20 ft vantage point giving you the best seat in the house! We will also be capable of creating highlight videos for our players, helping them seek bigger opportunities which is at the forefront of our philosophy and why we do what we do!

We welcome Hat Trick Recordings to the team and look forward to long lasting relationship!

About Hat Trick Recordings:

Family owned and operated and locals of Fort Worth, Texas; Hat-Trick Recordings was

birthed by an ex-college athlete, now father, who fell in love with the art of recording and editing his own kids’ soccer videos, quickly discovering the skill and finesse required to produce well formatted highlight videos that others actually want to watch.

In today's era with a world filled by social media, and specifically YouTube, there are so many opportunities for great teams and players no matter how young or old to be seen and recognized for their sheer raw talent. Hat-Trick Recordings provides videos that tell the stories of the game.

At Hat-Trick Recordings, we help great athletes get seen! Working with talented

athletes, teams, and clubs across the United States we love to create recruiting videos, end of the year highlight videos, game and tournament film for player and coach analysis, LIVE streaming video for your fans, and much more!

To learn more and book Hat-trick Recording for your recording/streaming needs, visit , @HatTrickRecordingsllc

Check out some of there work!!

We have dibs on signing Mr. Cater in the future...


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