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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

FC Denton enters new era.

In 2012, we started off on an ambitious journey. To become Denton’s first minor league soccer team, providing local players with a direct line to bigger and better opportunities. We had to start from the bottom, but wanted to do things differently than the typical recreational team and it started…with a logo.

Simple and elegant with subtle nods to FC Dallas, the best team in the world (Hala Madrid) and UNT, their lack of a top men’s team being a big inspiration for the project. It gave us a sense of identity and also served as a reminder to the players who wore the jersey of what they are made perfectly aware of when they start playing for us. We have our own logo and don’t wear the uniform of some professional team, because we’re trying to achieve something bigger and now, they are a part of that story. It served as a compass when we won, when we lost and the players wore it with loyalty.

7 years later, that badge has seen us go from last place in our Sunday league, restarting in a 7v7 league, to the top division of North Texas amateur soccer (winning 9 championships along the way) and last year, finally accomplishing the goal we set out for by entering the UPSL and becoming Denton’s first minor league soccer team in a national league. Mission accomplished.

Now, as we begin to prepare for our 2nd season in the top flight of the UPSL, we begin to set new goals to achieve, with a new attitude (just like in the beginning) and it’s going to start…with a logo.

We wanted to have an updated look that was worthy of the level the club has reached, illustrated our ambition and new credo “Honor. Passion. Pride”, while honoring the past and thanks to graphic designer, Pasquale Emanuele (@PascalHugoDes), we have it.

Today begins a new era for FC Denton Soccer, with new challenges, new ambitions and new achievements to accomplish and, of course, a new look.

Here’s to all the past players that wore the first badge, set out on this crazy project and let us play pretend until it became a reality. Let it remind you of where we came from and what you helped achieve.

And here’s to all the future players that will wear the new badge with honor, with passion and with pride. Let it guide us to new heights.


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